Sangha Yoga & Mental Health


For years I’ve been working on connecting Yoga & Mental Health. I knew there were more people bridging these fields but I haven’t met them. I started a LinkedIn group (with almost 1200 members now!) and hoping to connect with people who are having the same passion. And it worked! I started to search in Amsterdam and beyond – in hospitals, daycare centers etcetera to connect to yoga teachers/ therapists there. At work, on conferences and in yoga places I met people from different professional fields/ disciplines and yoga lineages, but we all had in common that we agreed that yoga could be great to compliment existing therapy in Mental Health care. There it started. After having individual contact with many, I started to organize meetings twice a year – to create the opportunity for every one to meet each other. This was great!

[Sangha] संघ Community, group

The group grew. In the year 2011 (October 16th) the first Sangha network meeting was a fact. During these meetings there is room to exchange knowledge and to network. Also the idea to create a platform was there. A platform where we can collect (evidence based or best-practice) information or useful, interesting papers or files. The platform (with members) can be found in a group on Facebook group page to connect and share and this site is used to collect and post information on the subject. Like anything else, this is a process that will evolute. Love and mindful care will make it grow. We will have to keep this community alive to make it bloom.


Latest Network Meeting Sept. 12th 2013

What: Yoga & Mental health network meeting for yoga teachers (mental) health care workers, bridge-builders between those two worlds or anyone interested. People from different disciplines gathered together at Delight Yoga Studio. After everybody introduced him or herself and then we had a break. It’s beautiful to see what happens. True networking, chatting, exchanging and laughing took place in this break. After we talked about challenges of starting to teach yoga to special groups and also about the paradox of healthy attachment and non-attachment principles. It was great! Thanks everyone for coming and being so open in sharing your view and experiences.

Twice a year the Sangha will meet. If you like to be invited, please write an email. The next meeting will take place on May 17th 2014. This time with special guest: Dr. G. Mohan. In the days before the meeting there will be workshops on Yoga and Mental Healthcare with Dr. Mohan.


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