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I personally collected the best titles and books (yoga & mentalhealth, Yoga for women, pregnancy & kids etc) for you and to make life a bit easier, you can buy them now by clicking this button:Amazon-button


Wanneer je lichaam spreekt (article on yoga in social psychiatric treatment of ptsd – by Anneke – Dutch) English version here

yogamagazine_2013 (Dutch interview w/ Anneke)

Yoga-magazine February 2013 (Dutch interview w/ Anneke)

pggm (interview with Anneke – Dutch interview w/ Anneke)

krant van de aarde (Dutch interview w/ Anneke)


Book list Yoga and Mental Health:

  • How to Use Herbs, Nutrients and Yoga in Mental Health Care. by: Brown, Gerbarg and Muskin.
  • Yoga Therapy by: A.G and Indra Mohan
  • Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing Training
  • The Relaxation Response – Herbert Benson, M.D. (Yogic Mantra Meditation)
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction – Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. (Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation, Theravada Tradition)
  • ‘The psychospiritual clinician’s handbook, alternative methods for understanding and treating mental disorders’ door Sharon G. Mijares en Gurucharan Singh Khalsa.
  • ‘Mindfulness en bevrijding van depressie, voorbij chronische ongelukkigheid’ door Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal en Jon Kabat-Zinn. –
  • Amy Weintraub; ‘Yoga and Depression’ (also video)
  • Norman Doidge – The Brain that Changes Itself
  • Bo Forbes – Yoga for Emotional Balance
  • David Frawley – Yoga for Your Type
  • Stanislav Grof – Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis
  • Bessel van der Kolk Traumatic stress
  • Peter Levine – Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma
  • Richard Miller – Yoga Nidra
  • Pat Ogden Trauma and the Body
  • Swami Satyananda Yoga Nidra

More resources for trauma-sensitive yoga teachers (from David Emerson):

1. Trauma and Recovery, Herman

2. Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents, Blaustein et al

3. Yoga and the Quest for the True Self, Cope

4. Buddha’s Brain, Hanson

5. Heart of Yoga, Desikachar

6. Overcoming Trauma through Yoga, Emerson and Hopper

7. Mindful Brain, Siegel

8. Mirroring People, Iacoboni (mirror neurons)

9. What it is Like to Go to War, Karl Marlantes

10. Restrepo – Documentary

11. Skateistan – Documentary

To make life a bit easier, there is a link to The Book Store HERE. Great books on the subject Yoga and Mental Health are selected for you and The House of Love Favorites’ general YOGA BOOKS are listed too! Check it out… Enjoy shopping!



Project Air (Ashtanga Yoga in Rwanda for PTSS)

LinkedIn group Yoga & Mental Health

Yoga/psychology site by Laura Douglass (recommended)

Svastha Yoga (Mohan) (highly recommended)

International Association of Yoga therapists

European Network of Yoga therapy


Motiverende Gespreksvoering
Dr. Xavier Amador (LEAP & motivational interviewing)


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