Yoga & Mental Health

‘Yoga has many aspects but, in essence, it aims to help a student reach his or her full potential and thus blossom fully as a human being. It has many tools including posture work, breathing, relaxation techniques and meditation.
Yoga Therapy occurs when a Yoga Therapist works with a student or group of students, with the primary aim of addressing a health issue, be it physical, mental or emotional, specific to the issues and needs of that student or group.
A therapist will work with students, choosing the appropriate techniques for them and encouraging them to establish a personal practice embracing these. This enables the student to be more autonomous, practising in their own time and space, fully participating in their journey to well-being’.
~ Gill Lloyd ~

Social Psychiatry and Yoga have much in common – most importantly: CONNECTION.

Connection between the body and mind. The gross and the subtle body. The teacher and the student. The therapist and the client. All levels of interaction are interconnected. In nature it’s not about a person but it’s about the connection with context. And that is what I am investigating. More and more people get stuck somewhere in their lives or loose (temporary) their balances. Beside other interventions, yoga could be helpful when this happens. This is why we get together and create a group to bundle our strengths. We want to make yoga more accessible for this group of people who are psychiatric instable.

My dream is to establish Yoga as a recognized and respected therapy (at least in The Netherlands).

Inspired by my patients in psychiatry, where I work with since 1998 now, and the ladies I was teaching Yoga in Rwanda, I am working on this project: Yoga and Mental Health. I am teaching Yoga to clients suffering from mental health problems – one-on-one and in (small) groups. Also I work on creating a bridge between Yoga and (the Amsterdam) Psychiatry. In my work as a professional (Social Psychiatric Nurse – community nurse RN) I add Yoga. Sometimes feeling good is ‘Just’ a Breath away. To connect with the breath and Be in the moment.

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