First Yoga Class

Today for the first time i went to a yoga class.

We went to one of The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Nynramibo neighborhood. Deirdre was teaching and i made pictures and assisted her.
There were around 20 woman, young and old ones, who just had a counseling session before yoga class. They are all victims of domestic violence. The language we are teaching is Kinyarwandan, so i do have start to practice that now! I learned a few words, and that’s already very helpful. One word like ‘Rambura’ which means ‘straighten’ and then point out what part of the body you want them to make more straight does miracles. Also ‘Ne force pas’, don’t force in French and ‘relaxer’ were very helpful and then point out the spot you mean by touching it.
What i experienced was simply awesome! I got so excited being here in this room. The energy was very good and the woman are so excited and willing to try and practice. They did really well! The woman are strong and sweet. They laugh and smile which is not normal behavior for them. Outside of this room, in their normal lives they don’t laugh like this, they are beaten up hard and their children got raped… Under this layer of smiling, the women are depressed and very tight in their shoulders and neck. The young ones seemed more depressive than the older woman. But they didn’t complain, they were grateful. They are the teachers as much as we are…