Ginger-Lemon Tea

Is what i am drinking, trying to heal my sore throat

It’s getting dark now. It’s 6.14 pm and the sound of birds disappears slowly while the sounds of bugs are coming up. Beautiful! And if you think of it, it really fits well into the day. The noisy, fast working day is ending and a relaxing evening is coming up, preparing you this way for a good night of sleep. What a sweet time of the day, sunset. It’s a pity there is not an open sea or an open field here, to see the sun sink down. Every day the sun sets at around the same time here, cause we’re close to the equator.
This morning, on Wednesday, Deirdre and i went to the Ineza ‘Sewing’ Ladies. They seemed to have a great day and the practice went pretty well! I went to teach the afternoon class by myself. This is the group of Adolescents. After their counseling session about HIV and Aids, they did yoga with me. So concentrated they are, they really are trying to do it right and correctly. Nice. Really thankful they were after class, one boy said he was so happy to be able to do yoga twice a week, he smiled and told me now he feels so strong in his body.
On Thursday morning, i taught the class up the hill. Sweet! I was teaching alone again, so i was happy Alice was there for some translation here and there.
Alice is a counselor from WE-ACTx. They are an organization who help woman in Rwanda dealing with HIV, Aids, post-Genocide issues, domestic violence.. etc etc. They counsel many many groups and to some of the groups they offer yoga. That’s when we show up. So, for like it is now, we work for the WE-ACTx. Soon Project Air will be involved in other organizations as well, when that happens, there will be so much more work to do. Already now, but for sure then.. we need many people here in Rwanda to teach yoga!
I feel like i start to understand the program more and more now here in Kigali.
Friday another day with the ‘Ineza sewing ladies’, that was a great class. I was teaching the class, Deirdre assisted but both Deirdre and i were focusing on the roots, the basics, the feet. We made them feel that of you push away from the ball of the feet, you will activate Uddiyana bandha and become strong in the legs all the way up to the pelvis and hip area. They seemed happy after class.
After that… it was weekend! Friday night i went to the place “One Love” here in Kigali, to meet up with a Swiss couple i met last week. He owns a yoga studio in Geneva and is learning much about the project here. With them we watched a soccer game, a boring one, but nice to see some places to go out here in town. During the break we took a taxi to Remera area in town and went to this local bar. Nice.
And then home.
Saturday is resting day, so i took rest. I took rest, because i am getting a cold. Sore throat. This day was also the day that i was missing home, Stijn. I felt lonely. Why did i have to go Africa? Rwanda of all places! But i did, and i do know why. But sometimes it’s a little hard. I found a little peace in the fact that i could talk to Stijn and he listened to me. Also I thought: I am missing someone, who is still alive, who i can see and talk to even, every day. I will see him again in a few weeks. The people here are missing all their friends, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers forever! Some people are all alone.. everyone died. Orphans, young girls and boys, mothers who lost their children… Anneke, relax! This emotion is nothing compared to them. I will be OK. At least for me a Skype talk and a hot bath helps. What will help these people? Sad. We know that yoga helps them, even for some it’s just a little…
Sunday my throat is still sore and i am having a bad cold. Deirdre is sick.. so we decided to cancel the class. We were going teach HIV+ Orphans, who are sensitive. we don’t want them to get infected by my cold, it could cause huge problems for them….
Drinking more ginger tea and hope this cold will disappear soon…

Cheers, Anneke