One morning

on June 3rd

We went just out of Kigali to a small village. On a mountain, we had to climb up a little with our big bag full of yoga mats. Then first the woman would have a counseling session. They were victims of domestic violence again. They practice yoga since 2 years already. A few women are very depressed. While the women had their counseling session, i walked around the place. It was in between all the small houses where the locals live. Children were running around and wanted to play.
We were going to teach in a Church, although it doesn’t really look like a one, it’s a small stone building with no windows, a wooden frame inside and no light. Natural light would come in and created a great atmosphere for yoga class. When they were ready, they were laying their mats down and were chatting until class started. Another nice class, very interesting to see that our yoga is done everywhere in the world in the same way and i am glad to be able to help them learning!
The next day, Friday the 4th, we were going to teach the Sewing Ladies again, the same ones we teach on Wednesday. They’re so sweet! But, it’s Friday, they were tired, had headaches, hunger, some were late…
The last day of the week, the first day i was teaching. The other days i was assisting and adjusting. I had to learn the program, the students, the language and all that.
I started class calm, with some extra breaths in the Surya Namaskar A and B. I saw that they were doing good, they seem to like it and we did a great practice. My Rwandan is in development, so i took a little note with me with all the words i could use while teaching. Mostly i used Injeka Omuuka (=inhale) and Suhoro Omuuka (=exhale). Also Humeka chane (=breath deeply) and Seka (=smile) Kidogo (=a little) were popular. Then counting 1 to 5 i used to count the breathings in each pose.. and knowing these, for the rest use a little English, a word French and lots of body language, i could teach a class! They were helping me also if i didn’t know a word. But they know the Ashtanga routine and they copy me demonstrating any pose. Also off course Deirdre was there, helping me out when it was hard to explain something. Mostly she was focusing on Ipiffany, the woman who practice sitting because of polio. After class we took her to the ‘One Love’ NGO, who made her braces a few years ago and now fixing the shoe and the brace again.

Also today, i started the True Eyes-project… this is gonna be very very interesting i think! Stay Tuned!

Love, Anneke