“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

Jim Rohn


Inspired by my colleague who’s working with me in night shift at the psychiatric hospital, I write this.

He just told me about his hospital experience in the past. He became very ill.  For some reason, blood coagulation didn’t work in his veins which could lead to traumatic and even lethal internal bleeding. Not the doctors nor my colleague knew where the illness came from. He had the best doctors around him in the best hospitals, who could test him, but couldn’t heal. They could try out treatments but couldn’t ever give the promise it would work. He was scared, scared to death even.

In this sudden moment of a total mental and physical crash, he knew that the only thing he could do to get healed was practice Satya, truthfulness, to himself. At that time he didn’t know what it was he was doing ‘wrong’ but he did take full responsibility for ‘it‘ in his own body. After taking all the space and time in the hospital he needed to think about himself, his life, his choices he decided at one moment to make radical changes in the way he was living. Knowing he would create personal insecurities that might have enormous consequences on his life and relationships, he took that risk. He trusted his gut feeling.

It didn’t take more than one day after this radical change to start the physical healing process. In a mysterious way his body started to create healthy blood corpuscles, not many, one or two the doctors concluded. Later these two became six, ten, fifteen healthy blood cells maybe. And very very slowly his body transformed from a sick one into a healthy one again without treatment.

I am not telling that nobody needs any treatment, I accepted medical treatment for a while when suffering from Hyper Thyroidism. But I also knew I was responsible for what happens to my body. My body is my vehicle and I need to take the best care of it I can. Which I didn’t do for a while. I knew I was crossing my personal borders mentally, my body reacted on that, gave me messages daily which I refused to listen to up to that day that changed my life radically. From my experiences I must say, to make that one choice for drastic change is most the difficult action but the most powerful as well. I had to work hard on myself, the cure was very close to me… In nature the cure is never far away…  My Yoga was one of the things that helped me enourmusly. I didn’t need medication anymore after a little while. My Thyroid taught me something and the imbalances never came back after.

At the end, just seconds it takes to make a change … Just one moment to jump, fearless into the unknown. But you know you’re doing the right thing. You know you are choosing right, you feel it without a doubt in these seconds. The thoughts of doubt, fear and insecurity rise up right after this moment. Which can totally mess up the jump and cover it all up with a dark grey cloud. Then you must believe in what you just thought a second ago and take full responsibility to do what’s right for yourself. Taking full responsibility to live happy and healthy. Because when you are creating happy and healthy energy, you will give this energy. And what you will give, you will receive back. When practice full responsibility with small things you will be able to be responsible when you need it when big issues occur in life as well.
When taking full responsibility for your life, for the good and the bad, you should not forget taking all responsibility for the wonderful things that happen to you. Be open to feelings of true joyment you receive after creating something, when working hard on something. You did this! You created it! Feel more like an artist after making that painting, enjoy the meals you made yourself with Love more and truly feel more satisfied, balanced and happy. And remember Ghandi’s words: Be the change you want to see in the world!
Well, these were my nightly thoughts I am responsible of working my last nightshift in a psychiatric clinic… Goooodnight!
Love, Anneke



for me, are not just all about cakes and presents. Well cakes are tasty and getting presents can be fun, i won’t lie, but more important for me on a birthday is creating this moment of awareness. I am 31 one. And am i happy? Am i on the right path? Am i going in the right directions? It’s a great moment to evaluate, i believe. So that’s what i did. I thought back to the goals i made lasts year and made some new ones for the upcoming one.
Besides that, i did ate cake at night! The cook here in the Project Air house, is a great one.. this friendly man made a dish of my choice (Quiche it was, yummy!) and an awesome birthday cake and ate it all with Deirdre here. That was sweet…..
Also i talked with my Lover and friends on Skype (i love that Skype!) and received many sweet messages on facebook! Thank you all, it did make me feel a Birthday girl, all the way in Africa!

Love, Anneke