for me, are not just all about cakes and presents. Well cakes are tasty and getting presents can be fun, i won’t lie, but more important for me on a birthday is creating this moment of awareness. I am 31 one. And am i happy? Am i on the right path? Am i going in the right directions? It’s a great moment to evaluate, i believe. So that’s what i did. I thought back to the goals i made lasts year and made some new ones for the upcoming one.
Besides that, i did ate cake at night! The cook here in the Project Air house, is a great one.. this friendly man made a dish of my choice (Quiche it was, yummy!) and an awesome birthday cake and ate it all with Deirdre here. That was sweet…..
Also i talked with my Lover and friends on Skype (i love that Skype!) and received many sweet messages on facebook! Thank you all, it did make me feel a Birthday girl, all the way in Africa!

Love, Anneke