Yoga Class summer information

There are a few important changes about yoga classes I like to share.

As some of you also already knew… I am pregnant! So, after the holidays I start to slow down a bit and prepare to be a mommy! What does this mean for you?

Holiday starts in August for me, so the whole month of July there will be classes on Thursday and on August 2nd will be the last class.

In these last 6 YOGA weeks (July 5 – Aug 2):
– You have the chance to finish up your class-card
– You cannot buy a new 10-class card, there’s not enough time. But, untill summerbreak eveyone can join classes for 10 euro (instead of 12,50) p/class
– If you still have an old card, that’s due but with some classes left: come and use it now. In these last weeks I give you the opportunity to finish up your old cards sitting in your wallets…
– I will let you know when new classes start again!
– You can boost yourself with some Surya – summer energy

For your curiousity ;-) I am 15,5 weeks pregnant and the belly starts to grow just a little bit. This summer I will start a new training, yoga-therapy. Yoga and mental health is my main expertises and I will develop my knowledge in a special way in Austria. More ideas in this field are bubbling in me, projects will start this summer aswell and changes will come… If you are interested in what’s going on, please check my page here on WordPress now and then or just ask me! Follow me on twitter via yoga_amsterdam.

Hope to see your pretty faces in July on Thursdays 20.00pm in yogaschool Golden Link, Den Texstraat, Amsterdam. If I don’t.. that’s a pity… but wishing you a LOVELY SUMMER and hope to see you again…!

Much Love,



Yoga classes and Molemann Tielens

Extra yoga classes:

July 16 – 18:00-19:30 vinyasa (delight A’dam)

July 17 – 18:15-19:45 ashtanga vinyasa (delight A’dam)


June 28th was the official opening op the clinic Molemann Tielens in Amsterdam. In this centre I will start teaching yogaclasses starting in July. Much more about this will follow soon… stay tuned!