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Sangha Yoga & Mental Health.

a free network meeting

In 2011, I started to organize meetings. I met people from different professional fields/ disciplines and yoga lineages, but we all had in common that we agreed that yoga could be great to add to existing therapy to the patients in Mental Health care. During these meetings there is room to exchange knowledge and to network.

With this INVITATION: join for free! Please send an email if you are planning to come.

  • When: Thursday September 12th 16.00u – 18.00u
  • Where: Delight Yoga location Weteringschans 53, Amsterdam (the beautiful 1st floor room)

On request a special edition: We will talk about Trauma Sensitive Yoga. So, please join when you did a training on this subject and share experiences (maybe match up with others?)

  • Did you manage to set up a (Trauma Sensitive) Yoga class?
  • Did you manage to set up a yoga class for another special population?
  • How did you do this?
  • What are difficulties in setting up such yoga classes?
  • How did training by David Emerson help you (or another training)?

Please join the network on the Facebook-group if you were ever at one of these meetings before. Let’s make this network more useful this way.


I’ll give a talk about Yoga and Social Psychiatry on September 19th ’13 in Amsterdam at the ‘SPV Regiobijeenkomst Amsterdam’. Join for free! (limited spaces). Click here for info. And click here to get tickets directly.

Another talk will be on October 31st at GGZ Noord Holland Noord. The subject will be Yoga and the Social psychiatric treatment of PTSD.

Yoga Magazine.

Please check out the new edition of the Dutch Yoga Magazine (number 3 – 2013) on page 54 and 55 to read about Yoga in Africa. An interview with me, Anneke.


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